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Key Highlights this Week!

  • Stability! Five Year – $305 Billion Highway Fund Fix Now Law
  • HOT Water for Los Angeles Area Water District – CA Audit Report inside!
  • Moody’s 2016 Higher Ed and Not-for-Profit Outlook Teleconference – TODAY!
  • Free Web Seminar by Orrick/Bond Buyer – Puerto Rico Debt Crisis – an Update
    Puerto Rico Focus:
  • Supreme Court to Review Ruling on PR Restructuring – full article inside!
  • PR Diverts Bond Revenue to make GDB Payment – full article inside!
  • FBI Arrests 10 in Puerto Rico Corruption Case – full article inside!

So…here goes…today’s Monday Muni Minutes!

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5-Year Highway Bill Signed into Law

After roughly 10 years of short-term fixes, a $305 billion, multi-year plan to address the nation’s highways and bridges finally became law.SidneyLanierBridgeConstruction

The House passed H.R. 22, Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act or FAST” by a vote of 359-65 and it cleared the Senate 83-16 last week. It also revived the expired US Export-Import Bank, which expired on June 30th. The President signed it into law on Friday.

There are several key highlights in the 1,300 page law:

  • The bill reauthorizes the 18.4 cent per gallon gas tax
  • Offsets of $70 billion will come from other areas of the budget
  • Changes in customs fees and passport rules
  • Possibly outsourcing some tax collections to private entities
  • Tapping dividends from the Federal Reserve Bank to pay for the bill

While the government has resisted increasing the federal gas tax, it also concedes that it spends about $50 billion in roads projects, while only collecting $34 billion in gas taxes annually.

You can read the Bloomberg article here.

You can read the Hill article here.

You can read the Bond Buyer article here.

[Editor’s Note: This is great news for states that have been placing much-needed roads projects on hold pending resolution to the Highway Trust Fund woes. Let the fixing begin!]

In HOT Water – Los Angeles Water District that Serves 24 Cities Gets Big Audit Fail

In another scathing CA state audit released last week, the Central Basin Municipal Water District, was found delinquent in 35 Canary in coalmineareas.

Some of the larger deficiencies noted were:

  • Not having a formal debt management policy
  • Inadequate debt service coverage ratios
  • Poor management leadership
  • Inappropriate use of state funds
  • Hiring unqualified staff
  • Noncompetitive contracting processes
  • Excessive compensation of board members
  • The approval of a legal trust fund in closed session

The District, which was founded in 1952, serves 24 cities and other unincorporated areas in the Los Angeles area. Its five-member board is elected, not appointed.

There has been tremendous turnover in both the general manager and finance manager positions and operating losses in Transparencythree of the last five years.

Although the report cites egregious management practices, it recommends that the District remain an independent entity, but with a modified structure – an appointed board and stronger transparency.

I am really burdened by how to best help the small, special district issuer avoid this scenario:

“This report concludes that the district’s board of directors has failed to provide the leadership necessary for the district to effectively fulfill its responsibilities,” State Auditor Elaine Howle wrote in a letter to the state legislature in the audit.

You can read the full Los Angeles Water District Audit-Report here

[Editor’s Note: As shared in the November 23rd edition of the Minutes, this is exactly why I participated in the Best Practices in Post Issuance Compliance Conference last month in AZ.  Along with amazing attorneys and concerned fellow issuers, we discussed practical, “in the trenches” challenges that issuers are facing today.  I am particularly burdened by how small, special purpose districts can manage their bond compliance with small teams – and even smaller budgets. I would really love to hear how we could better serve small issuers…so this does not happen to YOU!]


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Wednesday, December 9th – an Update on Puerto Rico

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Muni Market Minute Updates

(Quick news bits on topics we’ve covered in earlier MMM editions!)

~~Puerto Rico Debt Crisis – In Focus~~

Supreme Court to Review Ruling on Restructuring

In a hotly contested wrangling between creditors and the public utilities of the commonwealth, a lower court’s ruling on how the US Bankruptcy Code applies (or does not apply) in Puerto Rico is at stake.

Up before the court: the legality of The Puerto Rico Public Corporation Debt Enforcement and Recovery Act, passed in 2014. It justicewas deemed illegal in July 2015.

Here is an interesting point worth watching:

“Just because Puerto Rico’s public utilities cannot restructure their debts under federal law does not mean that they cannot restructure their debts under commonwealth law,” Puerto Rico’s lawyers said. “Nothing in the federal bankruptcy code purports to leave a jurisdiction, like Puerto Rico, that is outside the scope of Chapter 9 in a ‘no man’s land’ where its public utilities cannot restructure their debts under either federal law or its own law.”

What do you think?

You can Read the full open Bond Buyer article here.

PR Diverts Bond Revenue to Make GDB Payment

Puerto Rico appears to be choosing priorities in making its debt payments…pulling revenues from non-GO Bonds to avoid default on $355 million of Government Development Bank notes.

Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla issued a dire statement…

He said, “Commencing today, the commonwealth will have to claw back other income sources in order to maintain essential public services. We have taken this step in the trust that Congress will act.”

Padilla continued, “But do not be misled. We have no resources left. Puerto Rico cannot keep this up longer.”

You can read the full Bond Buyer article here.

FBI Arrests 10 in Corruption Case

In a scathing article which points the finger directly back at cronyism and greed within Puerto Rico’s government, 10 officials and businessmen were arrested…further hampering the territory’s efforts to claw its way back to solvency.Embezzlement

This is a big deal – a 25 count indictment.

The charges in the indictment included:

  • Conspiracy to commit federal programs bribery
  • Honest services wire fraud
  • Wire fraud
  • Extortion through fear of economic harm
  • Money laundering
  • False declarations before a grand jury
  • Obstruction of justice

US attorney for the District of of Puerto Rico, Rodríguez Vélez said. “The time for government cronyism that allows some to line their pockets with ill-gotten contracts at the expense of the many, is over. The time for public servants to trade their duty to represent the people of Puerto Rico in exchange for political appointments and gifts, is also over.”

You can Read the full open Bond Buyer article here.

[Editor’s Note: We hope you enjoy the Puerto Rico Debt Crisis focus and open article topics this week from the Bond Buyer!]

We hope you found this week’s edition of the Monday Muni Minutes valuable and informative.

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Solving the Compliance Puzzle is GREAT for Your Bottom Line!

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