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  • $64 Million Defaulted in FL- what will happen and who is holding the bag – full article inside!Today
  • What is Next for MCDC for Issuers? Continuing Disclosure…Continued
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Chicago Schools: The Money is Almost Gone…

On the heels of Chicago Public School (CPS) CFO Ginger Ostro’s departure announcement a couple of weeks ago, E&Y’s cash-flow report on the ailing school system’s finances was a painful double-whammy.Cash Flow crisis

So how bad is it?  We are talking mere weeks…

“By January 2016, it is projected that CPS will completely exhaust its current line of credit and cash resources,” according to the memo, which was requested by CPS. “The near-term cash flow shortfall is expected to be addressed by issuing additional debt, thereby further increasing CPS’ liabilities and future debt service obligations.”

The School’s situation has been severely exacerbated by the State’s inability to pass a budget and the resulting delay has caused the school to tap $700 million of its $870 million line of credit to fund operations – and there are still several months of school left.

Several actions were recommended to help:

  • Additional short term borrowing of $195 million of TANS
  • Deferral of large vendor payments
  • Termination of certain investment contracts

Two key drivers of cash flow were identified:

  • Block Grants – receipt of $119 million in March 2016
  • Capital reimbursements – delay in capital bond issuance is burdening the general fund

Further actions which will likely be needed:Schools

  • Reorganization of non-education administrative personnel – estimated to save tens of millions of dollars
  • A longer-term strategy of non-personnel efficiencies which are projected to save $100 million

CPS has already been placed on negative watch by S&P and the risk of further negative actions from rating agencies without some meaningful progress to resolve the financial crisis is very real.

This is a big deal.

Chicago Public School is the third largest school district in the country with more than 600 schools providing education to approximately 400,000 children.

You can Read the full open Reuters article here.

You can check out Chicago Public School Stats and Information here.



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IRS Interim Guidance on BABs and Other Direct-Pay Bonds
IRS 39-Page Memo TE/GE-04-0715-0019
See the full article in the August 3rd Edition of the Muni Minutes!

Replay: Webinar: MCDC – What Comes Next for Muni Underwriters
By: DIVER by Lumesis and hosted by the Bond Buyer
IT was AWESOME!  In case you missed it…
Here is the replay link and the slides.
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Muni Market Minute Updates

(Quick news bits on topics we’ve covered in earlier MMM editions!)

San Bernardino Financials “Woefully Short” on Info

With so much at stake, the insurer and bondholders are slamming San Bernardino on its lack of “adequate information” in order for them to vote on the revised bankruptcy plan.moneyQs

There are plenty of questions to go around…

What is the reason for another $200 million in expenses and reserves?

Of particular interest is the proposed 1% payout on $50 million of pension obligation bonds or POBs that will mean holders will have to split $655,000 from their $50 million investment.

99% loss – OUCH!

What do you think?

You can Read the full open Bond Buyer article here.

You can read the Amended Disclosure court filing here.

Congress Passes Omnibus Bill Without PR Aid

Puerto Rico did not get what it wanted for Christmas…a provision for bankruptcy authority in the budget.What's next

“Once again Wall Street has demonstrated its control over Congress; Wall Street rules Congress,” said Puerto Rico Gov. Alejandro García Padilla said.

He continued, (Congress has) “opted for the U.S. commonwealth to default on its obligations and unfold into chaos.”

Other provisions of the bill include:

  • Funding for the IRS at $10.9 billion
  • $1.6 billion for the SEC

Congress is expected to take up discussions on Puerto Rico’s dwindling financial position in January.

You can Read the full open Bond Buyer article here.

Assured Blasts Treasury on Puerto Rico Stance

To further illustrate the heated chasm regarding Puerto Rico’s financial impact, the CEO of Assured Guaranty wrote the following in an “open letter” to Anthony Weiss, counselor to Treasury Secretary Jack Lew…

“The destruction that could be caused by your misdirected efforts, could forever impact the financing capabilities and the financial stability of Puerto Rico, its citizens, and potentially the $3 trillion municipal market,” Frederico said in the letter to Weiss.

Frederico claims the efforts to secure bankruptcy protection are “blowing up” utility creditor negotiations and causing the entire muni market alarm.

Assured has about $5.1 billion net par exposure to Puerto Rico, which would put a huge dent in its $12.4 billion of claims-paying resources.

You can Read the full open Bond Buyer article here.

What is “Reasonable Disclosure” under 15c2-12?  A Lumesis Commentary

Gregg Bienstock from Lumesis, shared more valuable insights on disclosure from their unique perspective as muni professionals working with 15c2-12 and our favorite topic – MCDC.Avoid Risk

Gregg’s commentary showcases some of the MCDC findings thus far in the context of the SEC 2012 National Examination Risk Alert.

Additionally, there are links within this commentary to other Lumesis white papers and articles which you may also find interesting.

I really appreciated Gregg’s closing statement which was, Whatever approach you take, make sure it’s supported in your policies and procedures, and make sure you can demonstrate with documentary proof your diligence and related supervisory oversight on every deal.”

You can Read the full open Lumesis article here.

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Solving the Compliance Puzzle is GREAT for Your Bottom Line!

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