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  • Los Angeles Schools face over $300 Million Deficit – read full report inside
  • IRS to Mobile, AL – $63.4 Million in Warrants likely Taxable – Notice inside
  • Bond Insurers Show Earnings Strain as Low Rates Persist
  • Puerto Rico Cancels $228.5 Million in Ambac-insured bonds
  • Notice 2015-78 Released – for Student Loans – link inside
  • Today’s the Day! FREE “Best Practices” CPE: 3 hours of dedicated Post Issuance Compliance training with CPE by CDFA and Squire Patton Boggs in Sunny AZ – I hope to see you there! 

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Dire Straits Projected for Los Angeles Schools

The long-term strength of our economy and our children’s futures depend on solid and globally competent education.

How can that happen if your school is short over $300 million to run?Stethoscope on money

That is the dire financial projection the Los Angeles Unified School District is faced with in 2017-2018, based on an independent 75-page report.

The school system, which educates 600,000 students, is the second largest school district in the country…

So, why is this fiscal cliff looming?

According to Carrie Hahnel, deputy director of research, policy and practice at The Education Trust-West, “They are facing a fiscal cliff with Prop. 30 expiring, healthcare costs and pensions increasing and enrollment decreasing.”

Hahnel continued, “They are facing a perfect storm unless they rapidly adjust to declining enrollment and engage in advocacy to support renewal of the expiring taxes.”

The panel which helped compile the report had an extensive list of recommendations with an Key to Moneyestimated savings of $685.2million.

To achieve these savings, it is suggested to:

  • Renegotiate contracts to reduce pension and healthcare costs
  • Offer an early retirement program for senior level staff – saving upwards of $400 million
  • Create a task force to improve student attendance, which is how state funding is determined

It should be noted that the extension of Prop 30 is not the only tool which will be needed to save Los Angeles from the financial cliff, which is expected to double to $600 million by 2020.

You can download the full 75-page report here.

IRS to Mobile Alabama:  2006 Warrants Likely Taxable

The City of Mobile Alabama has had their hands full with IRS audits of their warrants…with bond issues being examined from 1998, 2001, 2006 and 2008.IRS Audit Road Sign


In particular, the IRS began auditing the 2006 bonds as part of the TEBs “advance refunding market segmentation” initiative.

The city asserts it is in compliance with its bond requirements for all of its bonds.

Here’s a painfully interesting point and a twist:
When the 2006 audit stalled without any resolution last year, the IRS then began audits of the 1998, 2001 and 2008 bonds.

Sounds like fun, right?

However, in the information provided to the city last week, the TEB has now said it will not move forward with audits of the 98, 01 and 08 bonds.

Unless a resolution can be negotiated, the city said it “expects that TEB will issue a proposed adverse determination with respect to the Series 2006 warrants.”

If a proposed adverse determination is issued, the city said it “will respond by submitting a protest, including a request for review by the [IRS] Office of Appeals.”

You can read the EMMA Notice that was filed here.,

[Editor’s Note: Oh, this scenario is so familiar – and why Issuer 2 Issuer was created.  As issuers, we need to join together, share tools, tips and best practices so we can collectively stay on top of our compliance in the most effective and efficient way possible.  Of the members who HAVE been through the pleasure of an IRS audit or questionnaire, you know first-hand how dealing with an active IRS audit can impact your professional (and personal) life.]



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IRS Interim Guidance on BABs and Other Direct-Pay Bonds
IRS 39-Page Memo TE/GE-04-0715-0019
See the full article in the August 3rd Edition of the Muni Minutes!

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Muni Market Minute Updates

(Quick news bits on topics we’ve covered in earlier MMM editions!)

A quick note: While my shoulder is recovering over the next three or four months, items of interest here will be shorter and, if allowable, links to the full article will be provided for more detailed information.

Insurers Showing Earning Strain from Low Rates

Will analysts prevail in their prediction about rising interest rates in December?

If so, it sure looks like it could have a positive impact on the bond insurers who have seen tremendous strain on their earnings in the prolonged, near-zero interest environments since 2008.

Assured Guaranty and National Public Finance Guarantee reported declines in third-quarter profit from a year earlier, while Build America Mutual took a statutory loss.

Assured Guaranty President and CEO Dominic Frederico said, “Whether or not it occurs that soon, an improving economy and labor market will almost certainly lead to an increase from the zero rate in the near term, which would likely result in higher interest costs for borrowers.”

You can read the full Bond Buyer article here.

Puerto Rico Cancels $228.5 Million of Ambac Insured Bonds 

In a long negotiation spanning several months, about 30% of Ambac Financial Group Inc’s exposure inSuper highway Puerto Rico insured debt has been removed.  Puerto Rico’s Highway and Transportation Authority canceled $228.5 million of its 2007 Bonds last week.

HTA’s repurchase of the bonds required the bond cancellation, at no cost to the insurer’s Ambac Assurance unit.  Ambac said the elimination of $228.5 million net par exposure to HTA equates to approximately $493 million of lifetime principal and interest.

You can Read the full open Bond Buyer article here.

IRS Issues Favorable Guidance on Student Loan Bonds

Why are student loans a big deal for us to consider for tax-exempt bonds?College Student pic

Well, because state loan programs in 15 different states contain 1.12 million student loans totaling $8.5 billion for 517,000 borrowers.

In the first broad public guidance regarding student loans since 1986, Notice 2015-78 was issued on Friday.  It will provide immense clarity as well as relief to hundreds of thousands of students…and parents who take out loans for their children’s college costs.

This notice can be applied prospectively to student loans made on or after Feb. 11, 2016 and may be applied to earlier loans.

You can read the full open Bond Buyer article here.

You can read Notice 2015-78 here.

[Editor’s Note: We hope you enjoy these open article topics this week from the Bond Buyer!]

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Solving the Compliance Puzzle is GREAT for Your Bottom Line!

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